SENKO TEKSTIL makes all its  raw material  procurement  in a quality
                             sensitive manner  for each product, that are produced in its facility with
                          a corporate quality assurance and sustains its production in this direction.
                        OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ISO 2001, ISO 9001 and SEDEX quality
control certificates are available for the raw materials, which  are used in production. We are also able to carry out all  physical tests of the fabric, we use in our production, in our own laboratories and record them within the R & D department of  our company. 

Our Collections
Vienetta  (Our Ladies Models ) 
Vienetta Kids  (Our Female Child Models) 
Gazzaz  (Our Classic Male Child Models) 
Kezokino  (Our Ladies Viscose Models) 
Good Look  (Our Men-Ladies Models) 

         SENKO TEKSTIL aims to enter into the new markets with its
         international marketing department, which has been formed
         for the purpose of developing its international  marketing
         activities and increasing its share in the market by protecting
                             its brand value. Furthermore, our marketing
                             activities continue  nonstop with our overseas
                             dealers  and representatives, which had been
                             formed as a result of our activities going back to
                             many years.  
Our company realizes exports to more than 40
countries in the world, particularly to Italy,
Germany, Spain, England, France, USA,
Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic,
Bulgaria, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan,
Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Ukraine.
Our company employs an online B2B
(Business to Business) system, which
has been formed within the company,
in its marketing activities. Thanks to this
system, our customers and dealers 
can reach their orders simultaneously.
Furthermore, our customers  and dealers are
also able to give their orders  by reviewing
product details, such as a current picture of
the product, stock, colour, size information
online along with the  possibility to review
their past orders and current accounts by
using B2B System.
All chemical materials, used in printing and finishing as well as  accessories,
that are used in production don’t  pose a threat to human health and are  safe.
Our products are  manufactured in compliance with European Standards.  
Our Collections
                                                         As SENKO TEKSTIL, we arrange our product styles
                                                       according to the demands of our customers and our brands
                                                    according to the  feedbacks of our specialists in the company. Our company , which has an innovative production understanding, always creates  new productions notwithstanding to  a certain collection, produced at the beginning of the season.  With this new  and innovative collection understanding, which continues all season long, we are able to make our brands  stay up to date in  all times. We can form our own designs  or our customers’ designs in accordance with their demands  and make all embroidery, printing, stone and other accessories within the company with our cadre, consists of specialist graphic designers.

SENKO TEKSTIL has a monthly  production capacity of around 400.000 pieces
and this figure sums up 
5.000.000 pieces in a year.
It forms its collections with
the distinctive designs,
created by a skilled  team of
designers within the company
and realizes the export sales
of its own brand
countries in  the world.
minimum 150 models monthly
and  3000 pieces per model
under its own brands
SENKO TEKSTIL produces  all kind of summer and winter garments,
such as  comfortable nightclothes, housedresses, pyjamas,
night-robes, t-shirts, athletes, shorts, capris, trousers, maternity
wear, large size dresses  besides home textile products  by forming their own
distinctive designs and using basic knitted fabrics such as supreme, velvet, polar,
double knitted and  three thread fabrics in their production.Apart from producing
                                            its own brand, SENKO TEKSTIL has also started
                                            making housedresses production for many well- known
                                            brands of Europe. SENKO TEKSTIL markets its 
                                            products for men,ladies, children, large size and
                                            maternity wear under its own brands, such as
                                            VIENETTA, KEZOKINO, GOOD LOOK,
                                            GAZZAZ, VIENETTA KIDS

Our company, which has more than 1 million
pieces from 800 different models ready for
sale in its warehouse, eliminates the risk of
making stock for its customers and presents
them a momentary service. Likewise, our
company  aims to increase the speed of
the sales by reducing the delayed delivery
periods, which might occur in production
for sales based on ordering.
VIENETTA  is our brand,  that  constantly renews itself and under which we introduce comfortable  housedresses, nightclothes, pyjamas,  and home textile products, produced by using fabric types, such as single jersey, velvet,  polar etc., which consist of raw materials such as cotton, viscose and polyester.

We are able to present our designs, produced for teenagers, middle aged and pregnant ladies  for four seasons, to our esteemed customers with normal size as well as big size options. Pyjama set, Capri Set, Short Set, Tunic, Housedress, Bathrobe(Welsoft), Dressing-gown are some of our models. 

    VIENETTA CHILD is a brand of ours,
under which we produce female child
products, formed from cute comic book
heroes, we use on pyjamas, capris,
shorts , nightdresses, bathrobe sets
for female children in two age groups
as 1-8 ages and 9-16 ages. 
    Gazzaz is our brand, we use in our classic  home-wear and casualwear collections for men, such as  pyjamas, capris, shorts, t-shirts, bathrobe and dressing-gown sets designed and produced by ourselves. 
    Kezokino is our brand, whose raw materials are formed  in a quality sensitive manner, complies with the top class segment,  whgich we use on our home-wear and casual-wear concepts, such as ladies’ pyjamas, shorts, nightdresses, dressing-gowns, produced specially from viscose fabric for the purpose of selling in elite stores of Turkey. 

   GOOD LOOK is our brand, produced for men and ladies , designed  according to the cost and sale demands of our consumers and taking into the consideration of the cost sensitivity issue both in and abroad. 

VIENETTA KIDS is a brand of ours, under which we produce male  child products, formed from cute comic book heroes, we use on pyjamas, capris, shorts , nightdresses, bathrobe sets for female children in two age groups as 1-8 ages and 9-16 ages.
NO:78 YENİBOSNA, 34197

TEL: +90 212 639 07 50

FAX: +90 212 639 07 54




SENKO TEKSTIL, which  was  founded in the middle of 80s for the purpose of dealing in wholesale trade,   has realized its first activities as a  global textile export marketing company in 1986 in Istanbul.
In parallel to its  success in export marketing activities, it  has started its  own production as SENKO TEKSTIL in the year of 2000 and formed its  first production department.
SENKO TEKSTIL continues to  sustain its vision with the philosophy of  becoming  “a company, that produces its own brand”    by developing its branding,  supporting it with designing and graphic departments of its own. 
SENKO TEKSTIL, whose rich showroom is  located in Gunesli – Istanbul, realizes all its  ready- made garment production in an area of 18.000 m2 with high quality raw material and a competitive  price margin. SENKO TEKSTIL is honoured to welcome all  its esteemed guests with a reliable business understanding at all times along with presenting the best services to its customers. 

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"SENKO TEKSTIL Collections have justified pride of   being produced with an understanding of perfectionism and quality by getting inspired from the comfortable  and peaceful life at  your home."